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Here are some cool links to a variety of information about Backus-Naur Syntax Formalism. There's both technical links as well as links to background information on the subject. Syntax formalism is a key component of compilers and compiler technology. If you want super in depth application specific information on the subject, just pick up a book on software compilers!
  1. About BNF notation - An excellent introduction to BNF concepts
  2. BNF Form - The free encyclopedia entry for BNF
  3. John Backus - A short biography on John Backus
  4. Peter Naur - A short biography on Peter Naur
  5. BNF on Wikipedia - The Wikipedia entry for BNF
  6. The Dragon Book - The defacto standard textbook on compiler design
  7. GNU Bison - GNU Bison is a common grammar parser and generator
  8. JGDS validator package - JGDS is a GDSII database stream API that includes a validator based on JBNT

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